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Teeth whitening is usually done by exposure to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on the dentin of the tooth (which is located directly under the enamel). When hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel, the pigmentation in the dentinal tubules oxidizes and a white color appears, which is visible through the translucent enamel.

In traditional tooth whitening systems, lamps that emit heat in addition to light are used to stimulate the oxidation process. The disadvantage of this method is that heating causes many side effects, including itching and skin irritation, gum irritation, mild to severe burns. In addition, most lamps emit harmful ultraviolet radiation.

The Beyond laser tooth whitening system does not have these harmful effects due to the use of high-intensity blue spectrum light, which is filtered through over 12,000 optical fibers. At the exit, the light is filtered through two optical lenses, which have more than 30 layers of a special coating. Cold blue light entering the teeth has a wavelength of 480-520 nm, which is the optimal range for teeth whitening. The harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation is completely removed by the filtration system, only a focused beam of cold light from the blue-blue spectrum remains. This light penetrates deep into the dental tissue, causing an oxidation process without any harmful side effects.

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of professional products for aesthetic dentistry, BEYOND uses the safest and most advanced technologies for teeth whitening.

The bleaching procedure with the BEYOND system is presented below.

Step 1:

The dentist will tell you in detail about the tooth whitening process, discuss with you the possible and expected results, and also answer any questions you may have. Then you will have a thorough examination to make sure that whitening is shown to you. Using the scale, the doctor will determine the color of your teeth and write it down for comparison with the new color.

Step 2:

They will install a buccal retractor and offer to wear safety glasses. To prevent overdrying of the lips during the procedure, a special lip balm is used.

Step 3:

Between the teeth and gums, the doctor will apply a special protective gel, which will then light up with a lamp (the gel will become rubbery and will protect the gums from the bleaching substance).

Step 4:

The doctor will unpack the original BEYOND II or BEYOND MAX syringe with you.

Step 5:

The whitening gel will be applied to the upper and lower teeth, completely covering the surface of each tooth.

Step 6:

The BEYOND accelerator lamp will be brought to the teeth and turned on for 12 minutes; the procedure consists of three such cycles.

Step 7:

After the completion of three cycles, all whitening materials will be removed from the mouth, and you will see a completely new color of your teeth, significantly different from the usual.