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Veneers – thin composite or ceramic lining on the front teeth. They are created in order to hide flaws, give a natural whiteness and freshness to a smile, as well as a beautiful shape to the teeth. This is a fast, reliable and long-lasting way to correct your smile.

There are direct veneers and indirect – ceramic veneers. Direct are created in the dentist’s office from special materials directly in the patient’s mouth. The use of veneers in dentistry is a great alternative to non-metal crowns that perform the same functions.

Composite Veneers

Such veneers are made from high quality photocurable composite filling materials. They mask flaws well and look aesthetically pleasing.

How is composite veneer made? In a direct way: the dentist creates a restoration immediately on your teeth. You get a beautiful smile literally in one go. This restoration is aesthetic and long-lasting. They are in great demand among patients of dental clinics, since their installation does not require much sharpening of tooth enamel. In addition, the installation of composite veneers is possible in just one session with the dentist. The main disadvantage of this type of veneers is the tendency to stain with food colors.

Ceramics Veneers

Ceramic veneer is an example of aesthetics, strength and durability. Such a slip perfectly imitates the surface of real teeth! Ceramics restoration is always made in the laboratory using the most modern equipment. Before the ceramic overlay is installed, the dentist polishes the enamel on all sides of the tooth: front, side and cutting. Next, pre-fabricated dental veneers are attached to the treated tooth surface using light-cured cement.

What disadvantages do veneers cope with?

  • fluorous spots;
  • tetracycline teeth;
  • chips; darkened fillings;
  • increased gaps between the teeth;
  • irregularities;
  • irregular shape of teeth.

Nuance of composite linings – their color may change over time. The filling material is porous in structure, and is superimposed on the tooth structure in layers, therefore it is subject to partial staining under the influence of food coloring and even plaque. In the Factory of Smile Clinic you can supply veneers made of highly aesthetic material according to your needs and possibilities. The price of veneers is calculated individually for each.

Below are a few examples of teeth and smile corrections using veneers made from photocomposite.