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Tooth extraction is a standard procedure at the “Factory of Smile” Clinic, which is performed under powerful anesthesia by our experienced doctors. You can even fall asleep during this procedure!

After removal, the purity of the hole from the infected tissue is mandatory, and as a result, microorganisms are cleansed and healing heals.

Separately, it must be said about the removal of eighth teeth or wisdom teeth. Removing teeth can be quite complicated. In the clinic “Factory of Smile” Baida Nikolay Georgievich masterfully refers to these teeth.

What is a sinus lift? Very often the question arises – “what to do when there is not enough bone tissue to install implants?” In such a situation, a technique called “sinus lift” comes to the aid of our doctors. This is such an operation on the upper jaw, when an increase in bone volume is possible due to raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus, where, in the freed space, bone material is laid. Thus, we get additional bone tissue and can safely install the implant! The clinic “Factory of Smile” has everything you need for this operation!

And a special toolbox that allows you to gently lift the sinus mucosa and bone material from Italy, made from bone chips, and a collagen membrane to close the opening in the sinus. If necessary, our doctors use a biological PRF membrane secreted from blood plasma. It contributes to both the quickest closure of the opening in the sinus, and the formation of young bone tissue. All the doctors of the Smile Factory own this technique.

Our surgeons – Baida Nikolai Georgievich, Balyko Inna Georgievna, Kassikhin Alexander Vladimirovich and Molchan Alexander Alexandrovich – will do this quickly and safely.