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Metal free ceramics

Metal-free ceramics is one of the promising areas in dental prosthetics offered by the Factory of Smiles clinic. Dentures of this design are completely identical to real teeth, which explains the demand for them in patients.

Ceramic crown is the most effective way to restore lost teeth. Most often, non-metal ceramics are suitable for restoring the teeth of the anterior group, since in this case it is important to correctly recreate the color, which is impossible when using cermet.

Dental technologies for the installation of non-metal ceramics used in the clinic “Factory of Smiles”:

  • The use of 3D modeling technologies (full automation of the process eliminates the possibility of any error);
  • The thickness of the crown frame is 0.3-0.4 mm, which makes the crown lightweight with a sufficiently high strength;
  • Materials with increased resistance to increased loads, the aggressive effects of food, coffee, cigarettes, etc. are used;
  • We have the capacity to offer patients the minimum terms for the manufacture of crowns (without loss of quality);
  • The preparation of teeth is carried out according to a special technology that allows you to preserve tooth tissue as much as possible.

Why it is worth installing non-metal ceramics in the clinic “Factory of Smiles”:

  • The absence of a metal cap in non-metal ceramics affects many factors in the operation of crowns. So, for example, ceramic designs are almost indistinguishable from natural ones, as they refract light like native teeth.
  • In addition to high aesthetic characteristics, metal-free designs are ideally suited to soft tissues and teeth. When using such ceramics, the gums do not inflame. The use of non-metal structures reduces the load on implants and abutments, which leads to an increase in the life of the prosthesis.
  • The material is biocompatible with the tissues of the patient’s oral cavity, there is no risk of allergic reactions.
  • In addition, it is worth noting the durability of ceramics and excellent color fastness, which is not lost during the entire life of the crowns.
  • Modern technologies enable prosthetics of both incisors and molars.


Step 1 Preparatory

Prosthetics is preceded by a preparatory stage of dental treatment, implantation.

Step 2 Dental treatment under the crowns (if necessary, the teeth are strengthened with tabs).

Casting and making temporary crowns.

After this stage, the patient does not come out with an “empty mouth”, but expects the manufacture of permanent crowns with temporary plastic teeth.

Step 3 Trying and finalizing the teeth made in the laboratory.

Step 4 Permanent fixation of manufactured crowns.

Our specialists work according to modern clinical protocols, use the latest materials and equipment. The control of the process of manufacturing crowns at each stage will achieve the ideal quality of work. Doctors with the first and highest category work for us. Regularly take advanced training courses abroad.