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Dental prosthetics is, in fact, the restoration of lost and destroyed teeth, their functionality, as well as giving aesthetics.

The following types of prosthetics are distinguished – removable prosthetics and fixed prosthetics.

Fixed prostheses include single crowns, inlays, veneers and bridges.

Cloned prostheses, quadrotti prostheses.

The quality of prosthetics depends on the coordinated work of two specialists.


Step 1 Preparatory

Prosthetics is preceded by a preparatory stage of dental treatment, implantation.

Step 2 Dental treatment under the crowns (if necessary, the teeth are strengthened with tabs).

Casting and making temporary crowns.

After this stage, the patient does not come out with an “empty mouth”, but expects the manufacture of permanent crowns with temporary plastic teeth.

Step 3 Trying and finalizing the teeth made in the laboratory.

Step 4 Permanent fixation of manufactured crowns.

Our specialists work according to modern clinical protocols, use the latest materials and equipment. The control of the process of manufacturing crowns at each stage will achieve the ideal quality of work. Doctors with the first and highest category work for us. Regularly take advanced training courses abroad.

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