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Two-stage implantation

The information will be extremely useful for patients preparing for implantation.

What is two-stage dental implantation?

  • This is the installation of an artificial titanium “root” in the bone tissue of the jaw. The two-stage implant is collapsible. The abutment (the support on which the crown is attached) appears after a few months, so immediately after the operation on the gum, nothing will be visible.

What is bone grafting and when is it needed?

  • Often, the required bone volume is not enough to install the implant. Bone grafting is necessary to recreate the lost volume. For this, bone crumb synthetic or natural animal origin is used.

What factors ensure the success of implantation?

  • Properly performed operation to install the implant;
  • Proper preparation;
  • Impeccable implementation of the doctor’s recommendations.

Implantation and smoking. Problem?

  • Tobacco is a relative contraindication to implantation. Smoking may not affect the outcome of the operation, but completely on the long-term result.

Can implants affect the operation of a pacemaker?

  • The presence of a pacemaker is not a contraindication to dental implantation.

Will a metal detector respond to implants?

  • Will not.

How long does it take for an implant to take root?

  • On the upper jaw – 4-6 months, on the lower – 3-6 months.

How should i care for implants?

  • Hygiene measures with implants must be given even more attention. To do this, you must use an additional hygiene product – an irrigator.

Can I install multiple implants at once?

  • In one visit to our clinic, you can install all the missing supports: that is, the number of implants recommended by doctors can be installed immediately.
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Implant planning is based on 3D jaw diagnostics. If the patient refuses to do 3D diagnostics, he dooms the doctor to act blindly. A panoramic picture can help make only a preliminary conclusion about the situation in the oral cavity.

When a decision is made to install implants, patients may have the following questions:

  1. How long does it take for an implant to take root?
    On the upper jaw – 4-6 months, on the lower – 3-6 months.
  2. How painful is the implant placement procedure?
    The implant placement process is painless.

What does it look like