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Dental implantation is a modern way of restoring the dentition.

  • There is no need to grind adjacent healthy teeth, as is the case with bridge prosthetics.
  • The installation of implants eliminates the need for removable prosthetics.
  • Visually, it is impossible to distinguish healthy teeth from an implant.
  • Patients adapt very quickly to implants and live a full life without restrictions.
  • With proper care, implants can last a lifetime.
  • There are practically no contraindications for implant placement.

There are several approaches to dental implants:

    1. Bone deficiency implantation – basal or cortical implantation
    2. One-step technique in which prosthetics is performed immediately after implant placement.
    3. The classic two-stage technique, in which the installation and prosthetics on the implant are divided into two stages with an interval between them of about 6 months.

In our clinic we use a wide range of implants from various manufacturers. The selection of the type of implant and its manufacturer is carried out in the field of a detailed study of computed tomography and is agreed with the patient. The main ones are:

  1. One-stage and basal implants of the Swiss company “IHDEDENTAL”.
  2. Two-stage implants of the Israeli company “NORIS Medical”.
  3. Two-stage premium implants of the Korean company MegaGen.

For the proper installation of implants, it is necessary to undergo training and have many years of experience in practice.
In our clinic “Factory of Smiles” implants are engaged in the installation of implants:

  • Dr. Baida Nikolay Georgievich (more than 20 years of practice);
  • Dr. Molchan Alexander Alexandrovich (more than 10 years of practice).

The leading specialist in the field of basal implantation and implantation in complex cases is Dr. Kassikhin Alexander Vladimirovich (more than 20 years of practice).

He was trained by one of the founders of this technique, Professor Stefan Ide. And today she is a certified lecturer and teaches novice doctors how to properly install implants.

All doctors have vast experience working with different implants and have a large number of certificates for specialized courses.