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Types of dental services in the clinic “Factory of smile”

The provision of paid dental services in Minsk is inexpensive

Dental services today literally work wonders, allowing you to create a healthy and luxurious smile. Even the restoration of the dentition, if necessary, is carried out at a high level in various ways and painlessly.

Dental Clinic “Factory of smile” has been operating since 2003 with the help of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience and modern high-tech equipment. We have a wide range of services. Tooth decay of any complexity or you need to carry out teeth whitening in Minsk, dental implantation Minsk or dental prosthetics Minsk, welcome!

Dental prosthetics or restoration of the dentition

It is a more modern technique for restoring the dentition. The use of implants allows you to protect healthy teeth, in contrast to removable prosthetics, where it is necessary to file and remove absolutely healthy teeth. Depending on the situation, experienced specialists at the Factory of Smiles clinic offer patients various techniques:

  • One-stage technique.
  • Two-stage technique.
  • Bone augmentation using bone substitute materials or bone blocks.
  • The use of implants in an aesthetically significant area.

Modern treatment of caries and pulpitis

It is produced absolutely painlessly and relatively quickly. The sooner the client turns to a specialist, the less losses they incur. Dentists recommend not only regularly and thoroughly brushing your teeth, but also 2 times a year to undergo professional brushing in the clinic, hygiene with which you brush your teeth in hard to reach places, as well as removing the stone, which contributes to the development of caries. After this procedure, caries not only recedes for a while, but the teeth seem as if after bleaching.

Teeth whitening: home and office. Ultrasonic tooth brushing

It is gaining more popularity and is causing a series of controversy. On the one hand, a beautiful snow-white smile, inspiring confidence, on the other – high sensitivity of the teeth.

Dental Clinic “Factory of smile” offers 2 different methods of whitening:

  • Home bleaching, which is carried out at home independently with the help of a manufactured mouth guard by a specialist clinic.
  • Office whitening. It is carried out in the clinic using high-tech equipment. This method is more expensive, but also effective.
  • Most pleasantly, none of the methods causes additional tooth sensitivity.

Clinic “Factory of Smile” has established itself as one of the best not only in the vastness of Minsk, but throughout the Republic of Belarus. Our value for money, a wide range of services, an individual approach, as well as a team of highly qualified specialists, constantly improving and developing their professional skills, attracts guests from other countries: Russia, Lithuania, France, Canada, America.

A beautiful smile is the key to confidence and success, trust us.