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Our team
Kassikhin Alexander Vladimirovich

Implantologist of the first category. Specializes in implantology followed by prosthetics. Work experience in private practice for 24 years. He completed a specialization in basal implantation Dr. Stefan Ihde. He also completed a course in dental implantology at Frankfurt University. Wolfgang Goethe (Germany).

Kassikhina Elena Dmitrievna

Dentist – therapist of the first category. Work experience in private practice for 24 years. Participant of numerous scientific and practical conferences and workshops on aesthetic restoration of teeth.

Natalya Kochergina

Dentist 1st category, work experience 15 years.

It specializes in the prevention of dental diseases: professional oral hygiene using various methods, as well as teeth whitening, artistic restoration.

She has high professional skills and is passionate about her favorite job. Patients admire her attention, dedication.
A regular participant in scientific conferences, international master classes from world famous lecturers: M. Solomonov, I. Mer, A. Akulovich, D. Rogatskin.

Bodal Daria Vladimirovna

Dentist-therapist of the 1st category, specialist in microscopic dentistry. It specializes in endodontic dental treatment under a microscope (root canal treatment) even in the most difficult cases, treatment of caries and tooth restoration. Root canal treatment was trained by the President of the Italian Association of Endodontists Marco Martignoni in 2015.

She is constantly improving his skills at various lectures and master classes in Belarus and abroad. She studied with world experts in Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. He conducts his lecture activities. Participant of the contest “The best dentist in Minsk region” in 2013.
She took advanced training courses at the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry BelMAPO in 2013 and 2014

Korovkin Konstantin Alekseevich

A dentist-orthopedic surgeon with natural talent and numerous positive human qualities, able to perform complex operations without pain and discomfort for the client, and also able to find an approach to any client. Patients note the ease of hands of Konstantin Alekseevich.
From 2013 to the present, he completed internships and attended lectures by leading dentists: Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Israel. He constantly takes part in international congresses, symposia, seminars and master classes.

Molchan Alexander Alexandrovich

Dentist of the first category. Work experience 12 years. It specializes in implant placement using a two-stage technique with osteoplastic surgeries to increase bone volume. He performs prosthetics on implants and on his teeth with ceramic-metal crowns and non-metal ceramics using modern technologies. He studied in Israel.

Baida Nikolay Georgievich

Dental surgeon. Clinical residency 1998-2000 based on BelMAPO. Regularly improves qualifications, takes part in conferences and seminars on dentistry. Work experience 17 years. He is fluent in various methods of surgical preservation of teeth, implant placement techniques.

Nikolaenko Ivan Sergeevich

Dentist – therapist, orthopedist. Work experience 24 years. He graduated from the dental course at Adams Medical University of Jerusalem. Has a license to work in Israel. Raises qualifications in BelMAPO, participates in seminars and master classes. Has a non-standard approach to treatment. He is fluent in root canal treatment skills. It has many positive results in root canal treatment.

Fomina Elena Vladimirovna

Dentist-therapist of the highest category. Work experience in private practice is 29 years. He is a certified specialist in the field of endodontic root canal treatment. She regularly takes part in dental conferences and workshops. Undergoing improvement in BelMAPO. He is fluent in modern methods of highly artistic restoration of teeth.

About Clinic

About how we started

The spouses Kassikhina – Alexander and Elena – talented dentists with many years of experience, having worked for many years in private medicine, in 2003, decided to create their own enterprise and called it “Factory of Smiles”.

The clinic began work, gradually gaining a reputation as a serious medical center. Experienced professionals join us – Ivan Nikolayenko, who studied at the Israeli dental school and has a license to work in Europe, and Elena Fomina, who has almost 29 years of experience in clinics in Minsk.

“Factory of Smiles” today is

Following the advanced technologies, we introduce dental implants into our practice. After training with the Swiss professor Stefan Idea, as well as with other well-known specialists, Alexander Vladimirovich Kassikhin began to actively use the installation of dental implants with subsequent prosthetics based on them. Also, the first category doctor Baida Nikolay Georgievich and Molchan Alexander Alexandrovich are engaged in dental implants and surgical operations.

Today we are one team, starting with doctors and ending with professional assistants and administrators, and we are doing our best to provide our patients with comfortable treatment and excellent results!

Dentistry in Minsk is at a very high level and “Factory of Smiles” clinic has formed an excellent reputation over the years of work, which we value very much.

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